Aston Villa 0-0 Sunderland (28.12.2014) Live Commentary

We can hope that the managers will be able to motivate the players and stir them to perform better in the next games. We haven’t seen very exciting football today. The performances of the both teams were more or less balanced. Both sides tried to prevail using combination football.
Nothing more will happen in this game because it is over.
A brilliant cross into the box finds Christian Benteke (Aston Villa), who directs his header towards the right post, but the goalkeeper shows all his agility and makes an astonishing save.
Emanuele Giaccherini (Sunderland) can’t expect anything else than a yellow card for his hard tackle. And a yellow it is. Martin Atkinson doesn’t think twice to pull it out of his pocket.
What a wonderful moment! Connor Wickham (Sunderland) receives a perfect pass in the middle of the pitch, lines up the ball and unloads a powerful strike in the direction of the bottom left corner. His effort doesn’t surprise Brad Guzan (Aston Villa) who makes a nice save.
There will be a minimum of 3 min. of added time.
Nothing comes of the resulting corner from Leandro Bacuna (Aston Villa). The defence is alert and manages to cut it out.
Leandro Bacuna (Aston Villa) receives a precise pass and is given time inside the box to send a promising strike towards the underside of the roof. Costel Pantilimon guessed his intentions and denied the effort with a fine save. Aston Villa earn a corner.
Wes Brown (Sunderland) picks up a yellow card.
What a chance that is! Jordi Gomez (Sunderland) wastes a huge opportunity as he receives a beautiful pass on the edge of the box and fires towards the net, but unfortunately for him, he hits the right post!
The linesman’s flag has already been raised for offside when Adam Johnson (Sunderland) headed on.
Emanuele Giaccherini (Sunderland) sends a pass into the box, but his attempt is thwarted and cleared.
John O’Shea (Sunderland) does well to dispossess the attacking effort with a slide tackle, but the referee blows his whistle for a foul.
Leandro Bacuna (Aston Villa) whips a long ball in from the free kick which is intercepted by Costel Pantilimon (Sunderland).
Martin Atkinson blows the whistle. Steven Fletcher (Sunderland) brings one of his opponents down with a harsh tackle.
Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) can’t slip the ball through and the move breaks down.
Flag goes up against Billy Jones (Sunderland). The referee blows the whistle for offside.
The referee signals a substitution. Will Buckley (Sunderland) is brought on as a substitute for Santiago Vergini.
Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) takes the corner, but one of the defenders reacts well and rises highest to head the ball away.
Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) takes the corner which is cleared by the opposition’s defence. Aston Villa win a corner.
Christian Benteke (Aston Villa) jumps for a header from the resulting corner kick and sends the ball on goal, but the goalkeeper makes a very good save. Aston Villa have been awarded a corner kick. The main referee and one of the assistants point at the corner flag.
Andreas Weimann (Aston Villa) will deliver the corner kick.
Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) creates himself some space and attempts to put it into the box. However, the defender gets an important foot in to clear. Corner kick. Aston Villa will have an opportunity.
CLOSE! Jack Grealish (Aston Villa) shows his amazing skills as he gets to the edge of the box alone and fashions a shot that goes inches wide of the right post! The ball goes out-of-play and Sunderland will have a goal kick.
Leandro Bacuna (Aston Villa) takes the free kick but it is cleared by the first man.
Adam Johnson (Sunderland) sees a yellow card from Martin Atkinson after he sent one of the opposing players to the ground.
Adam Johnson (Sunderland) attempts to set up his teammate into a scoring opportunity with a fine chip pass from the edge of the box, but one of the defenders intercepts his effort.
Emanuele Giaccherini (Sunderland) was about to celebrate a sensational goal after he collected a rebounded ball and blasted from long range, but unfortunately for him, his effort sailed narrowly wide of the left post. What an unlucky moment for him.
Adam Johnson (Sunderland) takes the corner but it has been cleared.
Sunderland enjoying a spell of pressure at the moment, but one of the defenders gets it clear. The ball goes out-of-play. Sunderland are awarded a corner kick.
Today’s match ends for Tom Cleverley who will be replaced by Jack Grealish (Aston Villa).
Lee Cattermole (Sunderland) is first to the rebound and sends a header goalwards but it’s blocked. Wow, what an escape there for the opposition.
The game is interrupted, a clear handball by Steven Fletcher (Sunderland).
Adam Johnson (Sunderland) darts into the penalty area to latch on to a pass, and he unleashes a low drive towards the middle of the net, but Brad Guzan (Aston Villa) is alert and denies his effort.
Wow, what an escape. Steven Fletcher (Sunderland) has an effort from inside the box but it’s brilliantly blocked.
Adam Johnson (Sunderland) superbly chipped the ball over the defenders to feed Steven Fletcher in run. One of the defenders managed to clear the ball.
Ciaran Clark will be replaced by Jores Okore (Aston Villa).
Neat passing move from Sunderland in order to create new attacking opportunities.
Tom Cleverley (Aston Villa) put a cross into the box which wasn’t a bad decision, but he failed to achieve what he wanted as none of his teammates managed to meet it.
Gustavo Poyet has decided to make a change. Emanuele Giaccherini (Sunderland) replaces Sebastian Larsson.
Manager makes a subsitution with Leandro Bacuna (Aston Villa) coming on for Charles N’Zogbia.
A yellow card for a tackle by Lee Cattermole (Sunderland). Martin Atkinson doesn’t hesitate at all to make this decision.
Sebastian Larsson (Sunderland) sends a wonderful cross from the corner kick. However, the defence works perfectly to clear the ball and to avert the threat.
Steven Fletcher (Sunderland) gets on the end of a pass on the edge of the box and has a shot blocked. Sunderland force a corner. Their opponent will face another attacking threat.
Tom Cleverley (Aston Villa) delivers a poor cross from a free kick as one of the defenders comfortably clears it away.
Adam Johnson (Sunderland) touches the ball with his hand.
Adam Johnson (Sunderland) puts a cross into the box from the free kick but it’s cleared.
Fabian Delph (Aston Villa) cannot believe that he has been told to leave the field of play after the referee blows his whistle and sends him off!
Santiago Vergini (Sunderland) delivers a promising cross into the box which is cleared.
What a chance that is! Andreas Weimann (Aston Villa) finds himself unmarked in a promising position after receiving a cross on the edge of the box and his attempt sails by a whisker wide of the right post.
Everything is ready for the beginning of the second half, so the match is about to get going again.
Most of the fans probably aren’t overly pleased with the development of the game. It hasn’t been very exciting show so far. The home fans will be really pleased with what they’ve seen from their players so far. The home team tries to prevail using combination football unlike the away players who attempt to beat the opposition’s defence using mostly counter-attacks.
That is it for the first half after the referee blows his whistle and the players head to their dressing rooms.
The defence had a hard time blocking out the strike from Connor Wickham (Sunderland). He didn’t hesitate and finished from outside the box right after he had received a pass from his teammate.
Connor Wickham (Sunderland) sent a pass onto Jordi Gomez (Sunderland), who didn’t get a chance to finish.
4 additional min. will be played.
What was Ron Vlaar (Aston Villa) thinking? He will not get away with that. The referee shows him a yellow card.
Connor Wickham (Sunderland) sends a cross into the box, but Brad Guzan comes off his line to gather the ball.
Carlos Sanchez (Aston Villa) with a slide tackle, but referee Martin Atkinson calls for a foul.
Alan Hutton (Aston Villa) crosses the ball into the box, but one of the defending players averts the threat.
The free kick is delivered by Fabian Delph (Aston Villa) but it is not one of his best and easily cleared.
John O’Shea (Sunderland) trips an opposition player, and Martin Atkinson signals a foul.
Connor Wickham (Sunderland) picks up a pass and hits the ball towards goal, but he can’t generate enough power to trouble Brad Guzan.
Charles N’Zogbia (Aston Villa) wriggles into space and fires the ball from the edge of the area, but one of the defenders is there to block the effort.
Costel Pantilimon makes a brilliant save! Charles N’Zogbia (Aston Villa) weaves easily through the defence and fires the ball from mid-range. His effort goes towards the middle of the goal, but it is denied by the mentioned goalkeeper!
Alan Hutton (Aston Villa) whips a promising cross into the box, but the opposition’s defence intercepts the ball.
Sebastian Larsson (Sunderland) hasn’t suffered any serious injury which wouldn’t allow him to stay on the pitch. He’s back in the game now.
Sebastian Larsson (Sunderland) requires medical treatment, so the referee stops play and signals for the physio to come onto the pitch.
Adam Johnson (Sunderland) is offside and the linesman raises his flag.
Alan Hutton (Aston Villa) produces a dangerous lofted cross into the box which is intercepted.
Tom Cleverley (Aston Villa) fails to deliver a decent cross from a long-range free kick. The opposition’s defence intercepts the effort.
Martin Atkinson blows the whistle. Sebastian Larsson (Sunderland) committed a foul when he hit the opponent’s legs instead of the ball.
Jordi Gomez (Sunderland) receives a pass and unleashes a shot which goes well wide of the right post.
Charles N’Zogbia (Aston Villa) reacts well to get to the rebound and takes a shot from the edge of the box. He doesn’t manage to get the ball through the players standing between him and the goal.
Connor Wickham (Sunderland) gets on the end of a pass on the edge of the area, but he drags his shot just wide of the right post. The ball is out of the pitch and it’s a goal kick for Aston Villa.
An opponent rises to his feet after being downed by Ron Vlaar (Aston Villa). Martin Atkinson saw his sliding tackle and calls for a foul.
Liam Bridcutt is being substituted because of an injury. Gustavo Poyet sends Lee Cattermole (Sunderland) on the pitch.
Connor Wickham (Sunderland) is forced to stop his attacking move after the linesman signals for offside.
Liam Bridcutt (Sunderland) is moving again okay after that injury scare.
The game is interrupted now, Liam Bridcutt (Sunderland) picks up a knock and the physio has to come.
Aston Villa are passing the ball across the pitch and keep possession. However, the opponent intercepts one pass, and the situation changes.
Fabian Delph (Aston Villa) receives a pass and decides to smash the ball from long range, but his poor effort sails high over the bar.
Christian Benteke (Aston Villa) sends a through ball towards Andreas Weimann (Aston Villa), who could have found himself in a promising position, but one of the defending players was alert to the danger and made a timely interception.
Jordi Gomez (Sunderland) with a teasing cross into the area, but Brad Guzan intercepts the ball.
Christian Benteke (Aston Villa) creates himself a good chance and goes for goal from mid-range, but it’s just a bit too high and misses the bar by a whisker.
Sebastian Larsson (Sunderland) takes the corner kick and sends a lovely ball into the penalty area, but the opposition’s defence is ready and knocks the ball to safety.
Connor Wickham (Sunderland) creates a yard of space for himself and tries an effort from distance, but it is blocked. The ball is out-of-play. Sunderland have been awarded a corner kick.
Sebastian Larsson (Sunderland) launches an inaccurate corner kick into the penalty area.
A fine lofted pass into the box, sent by Billy Jones (Sunderland), is intercepted by the opposition’s defence. The ball is out-of-play. Sunderland will have a chance to score from a corner.
The first half has just begun.
The Sunderland players will kick-off.
Martin Atkinson will referee today’s match.
The starting XIs were already announced and you can go through them in the Lineups section.
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